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Meditation, Wisdom, and Cheese

Everyone knows that cheese goes well with wine, but you can also make it a partner in your meditation practice. If you look at dairy products more closely, you will realize that there’s a lot that they can teach us.

Find a quiet place where you can sit for at least five minutes. Get into a comfortable position on the floor or in a chair. Check your posture to see that your back is straight. Let distracting thoughts go as you focus on your breath. Turn your attention inward.

Meditating on Cheese and Age

Some experts believe that careful aging enhances the flavor and texture of cheese. Anyone would agree that you have to take care of your Gouda to keep mold from growing on it.

Consider what you need to do to get better as you age.

1. Picture your ideal age. Look back to a time when you felt content and accomplished. You may remember your high school years or the birth of your first child.

2. Clarify the relevant qualities. Analyze the experience to find the elements that matter most to you. It may illuminate your love for learning or the value that you place on family.

3. Plan to recapture those feelings. Figure out how you can incorporate those factors into your current activities. Consider signing up for adult education courses or getting together for family dinners once a week.

4. Look ahead. Give yourself something to look forward to. Set a goal and a timeline. You may want to learn a new language or remodel your home.

Meditating on Cheese and Moderation

Lasagna tastes delicious because of all the cheese. While it’s fun for an occasional meal, a steady diet of whole fat mozzarella and ricotta would show up as bad news on your bathroom scale.

Figure out how to enjoy life in moderation.

1. Review your routine. Take an inventory of your typical activities. Ask yourself if you feel good about your lifestyle or if there are habits you want to change.

2. Focus on one area. Start with a single area. Pick something that is foremost in your mind, such as your health or budget.

3. Promote balance. Develop one specific goal that you can measure. You may decide to save money by eating more meals at home or you may want to visit the gym at least three times a week. Meditating on Cheese and Smiling

Photographers ask us to say cheese before snapping a photo. Ponder how to put a big, genuine smile on your face and keep it there for most of the day.

1. Remember your blessings. List all the things that you have to be grateful for. It could be as small as a hot cup of coffee or as big as your life.

2. Appreciate your smile. Notice how smiling instantly lifts your spirits. Savor the feeling.

3. Develop a reminder. Distractions and irritations are bound to arise when you get up and go about your business. Come up with something that will serve as a reminder to smile. It could be a Muppets song or a funny cat video.

4. Set goals. Some studies show that children smile as much as 400 times per day, but most adults grin as little as 20 times or less. Even if you aim for just two smiles every waking hour, you?ll get dramatic results.

Whether you prefer camembert or cheddar, thinking about cheese is almost as good as eating it. Take time out of your busy life to pay attention to your thoughts. You’ll feel happier and more at peace.

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