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20 Mindfulness tips to enhance your well-being.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

  1. Mindfulness teaches me how to be calm and strong.

  2. When I engage fully in the here and now, I let go of anxiety and regrets.

  3. My body and mind feel more at ease.

  4. Mindfulness makes me healthier.

  5. My heart slows down, and my blood pressure drops.

  6. My immune system works more effectively. I enjoy restful sleep and higher brain functioning.

  7. I experience fewer headaches and digestive symptoms.

  8. Mindfulness makes my relationships more harmonious.

  9. I communicate tactfully and directly.

  10. I listen to others with an open heart and mind.

  11. I resolve conflicts respectfully.

  12. Mindfulness makes me more skillful.

  13. I accomplish great things at home and work.

  14. I leverage my strengths and make breakthroughs in areas where I have been struggling.

As I meditate, I follow my breath. I turn my attention to each inhalation and exhalation. As the air enters and leaves my body, I imagine filling myself with hope and blessings and releasing negative thoughts and habits.

15. I observe my thoughts without making judgements.

16. I accept my feelings even when they make me uncomfortable.

17. I apply the insights that I gain during meditation to my daily life.

18. I create resolutions regarding my physical and mental health.

19. I work on eating more vegetables for one day at a time.

20. I am trying to maintain a cheerful attitude for at least an hour.

Today, I focus my awareness on the present moment.

I become healthier, happier, and more successful.

Journal Questions:

1. How can eating and drinking be a mindful experience? 2. How can mindfulness help me to stay more vital and independent as I grow older? 3. What is one health issue that mindfulness can help me to manage?

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