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Moments of stillness restore me.

Stillness soothes my body and mind. I slow down. I move more smoothly and deliberately.

I pause in between one activity and the next. I give my body a chance to stretch and offer my mind an opportunity to switch gears. I revisit my priorities so I can choose what project to tackle next instead of being caught up in a rush.

I focus on my breath. I inhale and exhale slower and deeper.

I scan my body for any areas of soreness or tension. I lower my shoulders and straighten my back. If my jaw is clenched or my brow is furrowed, I gently untighten them.

I massage my feet and hands. I thank them for all the work they do for me.

I check for eye strain. I look at an object far off in the distance and then another object up close. I feel my eyes relax.

I repeat an inspiring mantra. I engage with the beauty that surrounds me.

When possible, I enjoy a little solitude. I walk in the park or sit on a bench. Even if I am surrounded by a crowd, I can take a break. I plug in my ear buds and listen to gentle instrumental music or a recording of spiritual chants. I close my eyes for a second and picture a garden or a mountain trail.

Today, I surrender to silence. Engaging in quiet moments helps me to think clearly and feel at peace.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it important for me to take breaks? 2. How can I incorporate regular breaks into my work day? 3. Where can I find some spots in my neighborhood to enjoy a quiet moment?

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