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My easygoing nature makes life easier.

A part of me that I am very thankful for is my easygoing nature. My laid-back attitude brings me pride, joy, and an easier life.

People sometimes comment to me about how they wish they could be as relaxed. But I know it’s really a conscious choice.

When I look around me, I notice how others always seem to be in such a rush. I choose, instead, to take in situations, events, and people at my own pace. I refuse to join in the hectic lifestyle that so many of my loved ones are living.

I find that my decision to remain relaxed also brings good karma to my existence.

When I feel myself getting keyed up, I simply remind myself how I prefer a more carefree, natural pace. I consciously slow myself down. I remind myself of the joy and positivity I gain whenever I take it easier.

I strive to live a life that is free from worry and demand. I endeavor to take pleasure in whatever I do.

I seek to discover my inner nature and live in harmony with it.

Today, I know I can connect with my true nature to be relaxed and content. I realize that when I stay connected with these feelings, my life is easier. I focus each day on living a carefree, easygoing lifestyle.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I consider myself easygoing? What does easygoing mean to me? 2. When my life feels hectic and in a rush, what makes it feel that way? 3. How can I develop and maintain a more relaxed way of life?

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