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My ideas bloom like flowers.

I envision my ideas as living things – sometimes wild and spontaneous, other times with a pattern of meticulous design, but always displaying the characteristics of flowers.

The timing of a bloom varies. Even in the coldest part of winter, when plants struggle to survive, orchids and chrysanthemums still flower.

Likewise, I find ways for my thoughts to thrive in the most unlikely environments. My ability to adapt myself to the climate of my surroundings is one of my strengths. I learn to flourish under any set of conditions.

When an idea blooms, it allows others to see the beauty of possibility. Like bees, they are drawn to my concepts. In an act of cross-pollination, they move on to the ideas of others. From this mixing of ideas, the seeds of new ideas are born.

Some of my ideas grow slowly, like biennial flowers. The ground work is laid the first year, and then the real growth occurs the second year.

Other ideas are continuously experiencing new life, like a new plant that regrows each year from the same root system.

Today, I water the seedlings of new ideas. Many seeds are unable to reach fruition, but the seeds that do take root have the potential to become something wonderful. I tend to their growth diligently and patiently.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the best environment for the growth of new ideas? 2. How do I differentiate between ideas that are flowers and those that are more like weeds? 3. Who do I turn to for supporting the growth of my ideas?

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