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My inner beauty shines out from within me each day.

Every chance I get, I live from the inside out. I allow my strengths and deep-rooted happiness to radiate through my being and shine out into the world. I feel that this is my way of having a positive impact on everyone around me.

My inner radiance creates my outer glow. Because I harbor only positive thoughts and treat others around me accordingly, I am well-loved.

When others look at me, they see my smile coming from a deeper place. They see me as beautiful because I allow my inner peace, happiness and love to shine through all of the physical layers of me.

When someone tells me I am beautiful, I gracefully accept the compliment, and take stock of what I portrayed that day. I always feel good when I do this because I know that I will find only fine and lovely things within me.

My heart is clean and pure. Even if others offend or hurt me, I refrain from tainting my heart with unsatisfying desires and negative thoughts. I continue to wish them the best, taking the road that allows me to feel at peace.

If I harbor any unpleasant feelings, they slowly go away when I push myself to say and do only good things to others.

Today, I strive to let my inner grace shine through me. I recognize that cultivating peacefulness and joy on the inside is the way to truly be beautiful on the outside.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I allow my inner beauty to shine when I am having a low day? 2. What do I teach my children to show the connection between positive thoughts and beneficial actions? 3. How can I set an example for others about how to achieve inner beauty?

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