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My life is precious.

I am blessed with many wonderful experiences. My life is precious to me.

I go after what I want. I set ambitious goals and devote my resources to my top priorities. I figure out which activities add value to my life and I cut down on the rest. I focus on quality over quantity.

I create a happy and healthy home for my family. I raise my children to be respectful, kind, and generous. I help my aging parents to stay vital and connected. I love and admire my spouse. We work together as a team and accept each other as we are.

I build mutually supportive relationships. I listen to my friends and validate their feelings. I know I can count on them to share my victories and struggles.

I pursue a rewarding career. I plan my career path. I build my skills and add to my accomplishments.

I make time for play. I express my creativity and enjoy a hearty laugh. I marvel at the beauty that surrounds me. I visit art museums and flower gardens. My heart softens when my children give me a card or a stranger pays me a compliment.

I deepen my faith. Prayer and meditation teach me how to honor my own worth.

Today, I remember to appreciate my life. I give thanks for what I have received, and use my gifts to keep learning and growing. My life is what I make it, and I choose to make it amazing.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are 3 things that make my life so valuable? 2. How does cherishing my life help me to be more successful? 3. What would I say to someone who wonders if life is worth living?

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