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My self-confidence increases when I look good physically.

Having a kind heart and a pure soul is what matters most to me. But there is value to be placed on physical appearance. I give my self-confidence a boost when I take the time to look nice.

Paying attention to outward appearances is less about vanity and more about taking pride in myself. It feels good to look good.

Before bed each night, I moisturize my skin to keep it moist and alive. When my skin is brighter in the mornings, that energy transfers to my mood. I feel inspired when I see an image of health in the mirror.

Grooming myself also makes me feel good. I like having a neat appearance because it encourages me to keep organized.

Looking good physically also means taking good care of my body. When I put on unwanted weight, it makes me feel lethargic. That feeling transfers to how I approach my daily responsibilities. I am always interested in putting my best foot forward.

I work at the gym each week to keep my body conditioned and my weight within healthy limits. My diet complements my workout regimen well. The combination of fitness and food intake determines how I look and feel.

Today, feeling self-confident gives me the determination to achieve greatness. I feel encouraged to go after challenging responsibilities because I prepare myself with a physical presence that inspires confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I know when my focus on physical wellness is becoming vanity? 2. Which of my activities am I better off without? 3. How do I incorporate positive self-talk into my self-care regimen?

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