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My words are sweet like honey.

I speak words that are as sweet as honey. When I communicate with others, I get my point across using clear communication and gentle words. My words dance their way into the hearts of those who listen.

I sprinkle my speech with joy and harmony. My goal is to understand others as well as to be understood. Keeping the peace is more important to me than winning an argument.

My speech is free from lies and judgment. I speak the truth in love. I refrain from speaking down to people because I respect everyone.

To me, speaking is a delightful treat. I make others feel valued by the words I choose. I am an uplifting individual who points out the positive in every person or situation. I begin every social interaction with a genuine compliment.

I speak sweetly to others because I like it when people speak gently to me. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I enjoy speaking to someone who is quick to compliment and slow to judge. For my friends, I am that someone.

Just like bees to honey, people are drawn to my words. My friends come to me for advice because they know I make them feel valued. With my choices in words I honor those with whom I speak.

Today, I choose my words carefully. I ensure that I get my point across in a pleasant manner.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What characterizes my speech? 2. How can I be sweeter? 3. Is my speech free from lies and judgment?

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