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Promises I make to myself are important.

Each day, I am required to perform many duties at work and additional tasks at home. Throughout the day, I make promises to others and strive to keep them.

Keeping a house running smoothly and having happy family members who are healthy and well-adjusted is important to me. I want those closest to me to have whatever they need in life, so they can prosper and grow into caring individuals.

However, I also believe that my time and efforts are worthy of respect. That is why I do whatever is necessary to keep my promises to myself.

When I follow through with promises to myself, it is easier to keep my promises to others.

The things I do in my work and personal life matter to me. I promise myself to obtain a different job to widen my career path when it is time for me to do so. I engage in fascinating activities and investigate all of my interests. I do research to peak my knowledge in the subjects I choose.

I am more satisfied with life because I keep the promises I make to myself.

Today, I reflect on recent promises I have made to myself. I continually make every effort to keep the promises I make to myself and others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How often do I make promises to myself? 2. Do I consider the promises I make to myself as important as those I make to others? Why or why not? 3. What can I do to ensure I keep the promises I make?

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