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Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Children – Parenting Self-Assessment

Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Children

Parenting Self-Assessment

Check all that apply:

___ I allow my child to make choices within reason.

___ I can allow my child to fail and make mistakes without taking it personally.

___ I do not protect my child from negative experiences and consequences.

___ I work with the other parental figures on the best way to parent our child.

___ I do not undermine him/her by not following through on our parenting agreements.

___ When we disagree, I ensure we work it out among ourselves.

___ I communicate clearly with my child what I expect and the consequences.

___ When expectations are not met, I use consequences consistently.

___ I allow natural consequences to take place, such as no homework results in poor grades.

___ I recognize that it is part of my job as a parent to teach and allow my child responsibility.

___ I do not make it my job to fix problems my child creates (forgot homework).

___ When my child makes a mistake or fails at something, we talk about the lessons learned.

___ I realize failure and mistakes are part of growth.

___ My goal as a parent is to raise a responsible, stable young adult.

___ I am confident in my ability to promote positive self-esteem in my child.

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