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Quiet moments allow me to connect with my soul.

The sound of silence is therapeutic. It allows me to look deep within my soul. I uncover hidden feelings, thoughts, and ideas when I take the time away from external noise.

When I am alone, I close my eyes and breathe deeply. This approach takes me away from what is happening around me. I am alone with only what is inside me. I come to terms with my weaknesses and am empowered by my strengths.

When I return to the world around me, I am equipped with the power needed to handle tough situations. My weaknesses are suppressed because I have embraced my strengths.

I know what is important to me when I spend time looking into my soul. I determine what makes me tick. I connect with these things and allow them to dictate my actions.

Spending quiet time takes me back to the real me. I am reminded of the part my conscience plays in my decision-making. It helps me keep check of what really matters. I am able to dismiss the confusion of the world and focus on what matters to me.

Today, I believe that my soul is as critical to my being as my body and mind. I embrace its ability to guide me. I commit to introspection so I can continue to lead a life of integrity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I take the time to meditate in the midst of a difficult situation? 2. How do I cope when my soul is in turmoil? 3. Do I sometimes lose track of what is important to me?

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