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S.T.O.R.Y kids life coaching

Adventures in Wisdom STORY Coaching System

S – Share Story to lay foundation of knowledge Share the Adventures in Wisdom™ Coaching Story to lay a foundation of knowledge for the child. Through the story, children see the impact of the problem that the characters face and how mindset skills are used to resolve the problem.

T – Talk about the story and have children relate it to their lives Use the discussion questions in the “Let’s Talk” section to discuss the story with the children. Discussion helps children apply the skills to their own lives.

O – Organize activity to give children a hands-on experience Activities such as yoga journeys, role plays and art projects give children an opportunity to further experience the skill.

• Practicing enables children to strengthen their learning (and neural pathways).

• Art projects give children a visual reminder of the learning that they can take home with them. •  games and outdoor activities for children.

R – Rest and Review, resting meditation and review with parent and give them a WISDOM for Home Sheet Invite parents to attend the last 10 minutes of your session/workshop and give children an opportunity to share what they are learning with their parent(s). Share a WISDOM for Home take home sheet with the parent(s) so they can continue the conversation at home. This deepens learning between sessions.

Y – Yes! Confirm knowledge with Wise in Fives At the start of each new session, use the Wise in Fives review sheets to practice the skill learned in the previous session.

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