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Spending time in my own company is therapeutic

Spending time in my own company is therapeutic.

When challenging days come to an end, I look forward to taking a private retreat. I reconnect with my core values. My time alone reenergizes me to take on whatever comes next.

Being alone gives me a chance to close my eyes and meditate. Those moments spent floating with my thoughts cleared is renewing.

I surround myself with meditative sounds and calming scents to add to the air of calmness.

My meditation time is spent releasing conscious thought of everything around me. I focus on my breath until my mind is completely clear of distractions. Being in that state of calm completely relaxes my body and mind.

I also use alone time to learn new things. When I expose myself to knowledge, it expands my horizon and gives me confidence to set new goals.

Time away from distractions gives me a chance to think of ways to help others. I feel like I am accomplishing my humanly mission by being charitable. I make notes of outreach efforts and use my down time to plan the execution.

Today, my best self is revealed after I spend some time in my own company. I am refreshed each day because I rely on that aloneness to re-center myself. Life is beautiful when I view it from a renewed perspective.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What therapeutic activities can I participate in while spending time alone?

  2. How can I make interactions with family and friends feel like therapy?

  3. What kinds of decisions are best made in the quietness of my meditative time?

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