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Teen Yoga Leadership Program

Are you finding your Teen is lacking motivation or confidence?

We did too!

The biggest question we got from teens about our starting our Teen leadership program was

“What’s in it for me?”

Our answer

You get to have your say, building confidence in a Fun achievable way, an incentive based level system for you to move through gaining leadership skills, team building skills and life skills for future employment.

We help them learn from failures and help them remember with tools to calm, energise and relax whatever is needed at the moment.

Not only in class but at home and school too.

Learn goal setting and achieving, with small achievements along the way. The biggest question of all “Why? Why are we doing this?”

Kids need incentives, goals and fun to get motivated and then keep the motivation going.

They also need a community of like minded Teens to do this where they feel safe and enjoy.

This is the makings of our Teen leadership program….

Do you want in?

Our Teen leadership program starts next week







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