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The secret ingredient for achieving my goals is mindfulness.

I think carefully about each activity that I undertake. This is my formula for being successful consistently.

When planning my next move, I take a moment to think about the expected value or return. Doing this allows me to cement my commitment to giving something my all. Seeing the positive result in my mind sparks the fire of achievement within me.

My job is filled with distractions, so I choose a strategy to keep me focused. I remind myself that my current task is expected to produce great results.

It is easy for me to compartmentalize and ask others to wait until I am done. I am one human with several demands on me. The prudent approach is to tackle the biggest things with the greatest value first.

My fitness plans often get sidetracked when I take my eyes off the end result. Maintaining a mental picture of where I see myself is the key approach.

I am able to make significant progress with my fitness when I shut out the distractions of unhealthy food. When I see something that is likely to slow down my progress, I remind myself of my mission.

Today, mindfulness serves me well. It is the secret ingredient to a fulfilling life filled with realized goals. Thinking about the repercussions of my actions encourages me to make wise choices. I am thankful for the ability to be mindful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In which aspect of my life is mindfulness most valuable? 2. How does practicing mindfulness impact my success at keeping in touch? 3. Which other ingredients make achieving goals a real possibility for me?

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