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What are we reading this week?

We started off with a “What a we reading Wednesday”, but we have so many books on the go we thought we would share through our Blog.

We love stories and I love how stories spark curiosity and the love of learning just takes over. My Kids have always loved stories, I suppose when they have a bookoholic mum there is no other option……

When I introduced Read Alouds to my daughter when we first starting homeschooling, I remember my mum saying ” Isn’t she too old for reading to, shouldn’t she be reading it herself.”

And I second guessed myself, because lets face it that’s what we do when we first start homeschooling. Second guess everything.

But I thought no I am going to TRUST in the process.

I found that her dyslexia she struggled and strained and tried so hard just to read the words she lost the love of the story. When I started to read to her she found a new love of stories.

Now she has listened to the Harry Potter series, yes all 7 books 5 times. Yes 5 times. She loves to listen to books whether it is me reading or listening on her device.

So what are we reading this week?

  1. Burgess Book of Birds by Thornton Burgess, a wonderful Living Book about Peter Rabbit and all his Bird friends. I love how these books introduce and teach about facts in a story the kids remember them so well when they can picture the birds.

  2. Magic Australia by Nuri Mass to start our Australian project, We have only just started this one about a little boy who wanders around learning about the magic of Australia.

  3. Little Grammar People by Nuri Mass. My daughters absolute favourite book. We have read last year but she wanted to read again. Each chapter the twins are introduced to the Grammar people, our Favourite is Mrs Adverb. A colourful way to remember or introduce Grammar.

  4. A is for Australia by Frane Lessac. This one is apart of our Simply Homeschool curriculum ( which I love by the way)

  5. A is for Australian Animals, we love Picture books still………. and forever I will guess.

  6. SuperPowered by Renee Jain and Dr Shefali – a book to transform Anxiety into Courage and resilience. This is our Book club book. The kids are taking turns reading aloud together.

  7. Harry Potter and Ickabog by JK Rowling. Really any JK Rowling is a hit in our house.

  8. Little Acts of Bravery

  9. 100 things about the Human Body from the 100 things series. This is our Science study for this year. We are learning about Mind and Body and I absolutely love the activities we have to go with this one.

  10.  and lastly my pic for the week is Buddha and the Badass by Vishen Lakhani. This is one for the Mums. I absolutely adore Vishen Lakhani he is the Man behind Mindvalley.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get to read some books and relax.

Let us know what you are reading this weekend.

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