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Winter Nature weekend

We decided to pack up the van and isolate in the middle of no where.

What a wonderful long weekend we had. We bush walked, we sat by the campfire, we bird watched and paddle in the creek.

The amazing part is we haven’t been to this spot since the drought broke with all that lovely rain in January. It is absolutely amazing how nature can regenerate itself after such a long drought.

Last winter we walked these creek beds for miles and miles. Now we walked along the creek bank and was amazed with the plant life that has taken off.

The little fish are back, turtles and ducks swimming along.

First we Notice……. Notice the beauty, the small – colour of leaves, colour of reeds or rocks.

Then we Wonder ……. Wonder where it comes from, how it got there or how truly amazing the creation is

We then ask ourselves What does it remind us of……… The answers to this question sometimes even astound me!

We collect items and sit and draw, or if you are like me I take a thousand pictures then draw at home. We have a nature journal we record all we see and then we have a wonderful story to remind us of our wonderful journeys.

The love of walking, watching and the curiousity that it sparks is truly an amazing experience for our children and us also.

You can do this in your back yard or a park or if you are lucky enough to spend time in nature you are truly blessed.


P.S if you want a copy of our beginner Nature journal to get started grab it here

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