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Extra development units

Professional development 

And there's more....

After you finish your Meditation Teacher training let's really niche your area and learn more about certain areas. 

Women meditating


Certificate in Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy

Certificate in Brain Body Medicine 

Certificate in Corporate Stress Management

Certificate in Meditation for Children

Certificate in Management of chronic Pain and Healing

Certificate in Meditation for management of Depression and Anxiety

Certificate in Elemental Movement Meditation

Certificate in Meditation Therapy for Weight Management

Certificate in Sound Healing and Vibrational therapy

Certificate in Inner Child Work

Certificate in The Art of Meditation

Certificate for women's midlife health and wellbeing


Our vision is to encourage people to dive deep into Meditation and all the ways it can help others. 

Who do you want to help today?

Couple Meditating

How much will it cost?

Each Professional development will cost $440.

To enrol in a professional development course you must have completed the Meditation Teacher Training course. Then email below with the name of the course you would like to complete and we will organise the payment and add to your portal.

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