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What People say about our courses.

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R.N wrote

Calm Kids Program

Thank you, I truly enjoyed every aspect of this course. I have started the Meditation for Children course, and I am finding it thoroughly enjoyable.

Andrea wrote

Meditation Teacher Training

I have learned so very much about meditation, chair yoga, holistic counselling and running a successful small business from both an intellectual and practical perspective, and have acquired a large number of complementary and valuable skills, techniques and tools that I will be able to use for the benefit of myself and others for the rest of my life.


Annie wrote

Meditation Teacher training

There is NO other course that you can do that has the ability to CHANGE YOUR CAREER, INSTANTLY!!! There is simply NOTHING else you could possibly need to start your own holistic wellbeing practice!"


Meditation Teacher Training

I got tired of looking out the window and dreaming of a different life...I have done a great deal of deep inner work and retraining in various modalities. I can honestly say with the utmost sincerity that it has been the MBE course that has provided me with the support, resources, infrastructure and confidence to make my goal a practical reality. You should really be commended for your vision, for supporting healers on their journey and for creating a community of like mind and loving vibration that is meeting the needs of healing in our communities during this time of transition. For somebody like myself who is starting on a blank canvas, with a big heart, a pocket full of dreams and untapped potential I am most grateful.

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