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25 Elements to Bring Wellness and Bliss to Your Life

Support your emotional health and get more out of life by working to include these “ingredients” into your recipe for daily living:

  1. Adventure

  2. Create a sanctuary

  3. Friends

  4. Loving family

  5. Volunteer

  6. Keep promises

  7. Hobbies

  8. Good nutrition

  9. Regular exercise

  10. Learning

  11. Be confident

  12. Knowing your neighbors

  13. Keep a journal

  14. Word games

  15. Bubble baths

  16. Speak up about matters that are important to you

  17. Let go of feelings that aren’t helpful

  18. Visualization

  19. Respect yourself

  20. Respect others

  21. Work

  22. Do good deeds

  23. Think of yourself first

  24. Music

  25. Live within your means

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