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5 Best tips to Transform Mindset

5 Best Tips to transform Mindset

It can be heart breaking to see your child anxious an not know how to help them.

My 12 year old has had to transform her anxiety into SuperPowers and she has succeeded. Sometimes a little too much! We found tools to help us along our journey, yoga, meditation and the best of all Stories.  She struggled with perfectionism, I often use the word with pride but not so in my daughter.

What is Perfectionism?

It’s not that she did not want to succeed but she was terrified too. She was so afraid of showing who she really is and where she stands in life.  She can set goals but instead of chasing them she will shy away worried  that people won’t like her if she wins. So she gets stuck in the thought cycle.

Why does this happen?


“A growth mindset is a belief that our intelligence and ability is something we can grow with practice and effort.” Renee Jain

A Fixed mindset is a belief we are born with our intelligence and ability and that’s just the way it is.

Does she have a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset?  She flips from one to the other, putting a poster on the wall will not fix it. We have to keep doing it, every day, we need to work on it everyday.

5 Best Tips to transform Mindset

Tip 1: Teach Kids Mindset Skills

Read Stories about Growth Mindset

Grab a copy of I’M Perfect our Free Printable from GoZen

Tip 2: Learn about it yourself

Read books and lead by example

Tip 3: Journal 

Start a Journal with your Kids, it doesn’t have to be a chore, it doesn’t need to take an hour a day. It can be as simple as drawing your thoughts, goals, gratitude. Just start putting ideas on paper. Let’s face it it then gets them out of your head

  1. Gratitude Journal

  2. 3 positive thoughts

  3. My day was

  4. 3 things I want to achieve tomorrow

Grab a copy of Rules of Assembly for your Teens and Return to Calm for you from our FREE Resource Library!

Tip 4: Practice Yoga and Meditation daily

Start 10 minutes of Yoga a day and 5 minutes of meditation

  1. A simple yoga game

  2. 5 minute meditation on spotify

  3. Grab our 5 minute Mindful cards on our Resource Library

Tip 5: Join our SuperPowered Teens program

  1. 7 animate programs to teach Mindset, Mindfulness and many more.

  2. Workbooks, Journals

  3. Self paced from home

  4. 12 month access to GoZen, Fitness on Demand and our Private Facebook community

  5. copy of SuperPowered book

Want more information about SuperPowered Teens click here

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Mindset

When our kids have Growth Mindset research shows they are more willing to try new things, take on feedback and understand that mistakes are learning.

Share with us how you help your kids Empower a Growth Mindset!

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