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6 Quick and Easy Practices To Raise Your Vibrations!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Have you ever felt a lift in your energy or mood?

Or maybe experienced a moment of love or joy where it felt like a physical lightness has come over you?

When you raise your vibrations, these are the kind of feelings you may experience. High vibrations are associated with feelings of personal power, peace, love and joy. So how do we incorporate more of these magical moments and experiences into our life?

Below is a list of our top ways to quickly and easily raise your vibrations.

1) Dance: To start us off, just dance!

I know that sounds ridiculously simple, but it’s true! All you need to do to raise your vibrational energy is dance! The simple act of moving your body will raise your vibrational energy! Dancing is a surefire way to get the blood pumping, boost oxygen flow and increase your positive energy! Dancing has been shown to boost memory and cognitive ability along with lowering depression. Lower depression just by dancing, yep you heard that right! Ok, I know this sounds like an ad paid for by your local dance studio LOL! But really you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so go for it! Put on your favorite album and start moving!

2) Nature: Get out in nature!

Being in nature allows us to disconnect from our modern world and be more present. It can help us center ourselves and overcome our daily challenges with more grace and humility. You will notice a theme with a bunch of the items on this list! They all help us lower stress, increase energy, increase creativity and overall live a better and more balanced life. So get out in that park, those woods, wherever you can! You will raise your vibrational energy while being in a better place to tackle your dreams and ambitions. Try it! Get in nature everyday for a week and watch the benefits happen in real time!

3) Eat Clean/Organic Foods: Trying to eat more clean/organic foods is a great way to keep the positive energy flowing!

The less pesticides and chemicals we come in contact with the better! I know it can be hard and expensive (arghh!!) but start small and work on it little by little!

4) Unplug: Disconnect from all the tech in your life!

This can go hand in hand with getting more nature in your life, or it can simply mean leaving your phone at home for a few hours a day. We know it's hard, especially nowadays, but try to unplug for a little bit every day! The benefits are numerous and it will get easier!

5) Breathwork: Try to include some intentional breathing into your day.

This one is cool because it literally only takes a few moments to get the benefits of breathwork! In just two minutes you can be more present, get more in tune with your body and lower stress! (Who wouldn't want that!)

6) Be kind to a stranger: Today, more than ever, people are disconnected from each other in ways that all previous generations have not experienced. People are so caught up in the minutia of their daily lives that they rarely have time to help others or even notice the people around them! Let’s try to change that while also raising our vibrational energy and happiness. It is proven that just one simple, random act of kindness, can have amazing health and wellbeing benefits for you! It might be hard at first but just go for it!

A few nice words or lending a hand to a stranger in need will brighten both your days! Give it a try! This simple act of helping a stranger will instantly raise your vibrations, lower your stress and leave you in a better mood for the rest of the day. If you start doing this everyday, your life will improve in ways you never thought possible.

To wrap up…

That was our top six, easy and effective ways to raise your vibrational energy! There are many more out there (tons more actually!) but we wanted to focus on these specific 6, because they are easy to start and easy to follow through with. The key to implementing these actions in your daily routine is to JUST START!

Start today and Create a Daily Self-Care Practice.

They will snowball and become easier the more you do them!

Give it a try today!

Work with me more........

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