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A beautiful letter from our founder

This week I have decided to use a letter I received from one of our students as my blog. This is blog is shared with us from our Founder at MBE Isabelle Cunningham, she has written all of our Award winning courses and it tells a beautiful, personal story of how learning and practicing meditation has changed the writers’ life. It is so beautiful I just had to share with you.

“Inner Voyage (MBE courses) offers a wonderful method of teaching, which in short has greatly expanded who I am and the life I am leading! I have begun this sentence 5 times, as there is no way to simplify what the course has done for me.

I came to the course interested in meditation both theoretically and in practice. Now as I am about to complete the certificate, I am in awe and excited to be a part of a community advocating, leading and empowering people in such fundamental ways.

It has equipped me with the skills to begin a new venture in teaching meditation, to add chair yoga to my current teaching in dance, and broaden my understanding of holistic counselling. Personally, the certificate has nurtured my subconscious thought processing and reprogrammed my belief systems. I have witnessed the level of difficulties in certain

relationships, environments, life-choices and workplaces minimising and my life has become significantly more enjoyable every day!

Most notably, I have overcome an 8-year struggle with feeling conflicted living in the city and find myself truly loving my life like never before. It has allowed me to recognise the areas of my life that needed to be worked on and I have found greater balance over these 3 months. Since doing the Life Bubbles and Life Charting activities at the end of last year, the areas I was having the most struggle with (financial and career), have flipped to be booming! And I have the awareness to ensure other areas do not slip by the wayside in compensation. The lessons on Holistic Counselling have intrigued and informed me more than I originally anticipated. I hope to undertake the Diploma to deepen my knowledge in this specific area and establish my own practice,

helping others with simple yet amazingly effective tools. I hope to support and nurture people to grow in all areas of their life and find themselves in new ways.

Through consistent meditation practice, I have the clarity, resilience and energy-reserves needed to be working as hard as I am this year. The clarity of direction and feeling of acceptance/loving who I am, is making every new day purpose filled. And the days I find that resilience and energy-reserves are low, I am listening to myself through the quiet

of meditation practice and respecting what I hear. I am no longer employing negative self-talk towards myself for this, or for any other situation that arises. I have given permission, to myself, to be kinder to myself and in turn, I am much kinder to the people around me. Dedication to meditation has led to a calmer, healthier, grounded life,

whether chaos surrounds me or not.”



At the Creative Mind Body College we run our Immersive Program, Face to Face sessions and Zoom sessions to get you moving on your journey of being a Meditation Teacher and adding this valuable asset to your exiting business or starting a whole new career.

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