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How to Make a Soul Inquiry Collage Journal

Do you feel you need a push to focus on your goals? Have you filled your walls with Vision Boards for the Big Goals and now you want to take some steps each month to achieve those BHAG's ( Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals)

It can be very effective to have daily, weekly and monthly reminders of what you want to accomplish.

But how is it possible to keep your goals in mind every day?

Adding a mini habit to your Creative Daily Self-Care Practice. This is as easy as creating a monthly Vision in your Journal and spending a few minutes each morning before you journal to look at the goals.

One way to consistently work toward bringing your dreams to life is to make a Soul Inquiry Collage every month.... Set a date, give yourself a couple of hours and let's do this.

What is Soul Inquiry?

A Soul Inquiry Collage is a manifesting project – a collage that includes pictures and words that reflect your inner most soul orientated life goals. The journal can address your life in general or one or more specific areas you choose. You can use a Life wheel to get you started. Grab your Free Life wheel when you join the Creative Goddess Collective Membership.

A Soul Inquiry is going deep and asking yourself what it is you’re really seeking in life.

It prompts you to consider what you want.

Before starting your Soul Inquiry Collage Journal page, ask yourself what your goals are.

What do you want your life to be like?

Preparing to Construct Your Soul Inquiry Collage Journal

Follow these preparation steps:

1. Gather supplies.

  • A Journal, it could be a handmade journal, a sketch book or even a notebook.

  • You’ll need colored ink markers, magazines with plenty of words in headlines and pictures, scissors, and glue.

2. Ponder what you’ll include in your Collage.

  • Decide the life area(s) you wish to address: all aspects, such as prosperity, relationships, family, sports, health, school, jobs, and careers or just 1-2 of your most-sought-after goals. (Look at your life wheel and see which one has the lowest score maybe that is what you would like to work on this month)

  • You’ll use pictures and words about the things you desire, the place(s) you want to live, and anything else representative of the lifestyle you seek.

3. Plan a day and time to start work on your Soul Inquiry Collage. Schedule it into your calendar, cause lets face it, if it's not in the calendar it doesn't get done. Make a special place to create your Soul Inquiry Collage where and when you’ll be uninterrupted.

  • Allow yourself 3-4 hours. You might not complete it in one sitting. That’s okay. It’ll take some time to browse through magazines and select images to clip and use.

Vision Board Day!

It’s time to get started. Make a cup of tea, and set everything up.

1. Reflect on your most important goals.

  • Set a timer for 20 minutes and clarify to yourself what you want in life.

  • Right now, what’s important to you?

  • What do you want to pursue?

  • It’s okay if you’re not sure.

  • But give yourself time to think about it.

  • When you emotionally connect with your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.

  • Write or scribble them on the page. ( you will cover them)

2. Find the pictures you want to use.

  • Browse through magazines and clip images that reflect your goals and dreams.

  • Then, without gluing, arrange and re-arrange the pictures on your page until you love how it looks.

  • Once you have a pleasing arrangement, start gluing them down.

3. Include words to express goals and desires.

  • Write or cut out words that connect you with the pictures.

  • Express your thoughts and emotions using markers, pencils, paint, scribble sticks...

  • You might choose to clip words from magazines (larger print is best) and glue them on your page.

  • Date your page.

4. Congratulations you’ve just created your Soul Inquiry Collage!

5. Recognize it’s a process.

  • You might start out making your Soul Inquiry Collage about your career this month and discover you’re really more interested in deepening friendships or making money from a job you’ve never tried. That’s okay; switch gears on this page or that will be next months focus.

6. Display your Soul Inquiry Collage or NOT......

  • Sit it on your office desk, bedroom, or somewhere you’ll see it every day.

  • Each morning at the beginning of your Creative Daily Self-Care Practice, open your journal to the monthly Soul Inquiry Collage page and look at it, touch it, and say out loud, “I’m working for that this month!” Let yourself get excited about the prospect of achieving your goals. Emotions play a huge role in achieving our Goals, What we think and feel create our actions and results.

Making a Soul Inquiry Collage keeps you oriented toward your life desires. At the end of each month check how many of the goals have you achieved and Celebrate the small wins.

Construct a Soul Inquiry Collage each month, as you reach current goals and add new ones. Motivate yourself to attain your goals and dreams through making your Soul Inquiry Collage Journal today.

Want to join our Creative Goddess Collective and Create a Monthly Soul Inquiry Collage Journal and Create your Very own Daily Self-Care practice?

Step by Step instructions and Soul Inquiry Collage Printables each month.

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