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I accomplish my tasks effortlessly.

I accomplish everything I need to do. I glide through life with little effort. I finish my to-do list with ease. Whether I am at work or home, I quickly finish my tasks so I can move on to the more exciting things of life.

I am in the flow of the universe. Everything I do seems easy and natural. Things come to me without struggles or arguments.

I swim through the obstacles in my way.

I avoid thrashing against my blocks. Instead, I figure out how to solve them quickly. I ask for help when it is necessary.

I consider what someone else has on their plate before I ask them to help me. I know who can help me to accomplish what I desire, and who not to ask. In most cases, I pick a person who has the time and desire to help me.

So even getting help from others becomes fairly effortless!

I follow a process that helps speed up my tasks and enables me to accomplish more in less time. I pick the most important things on my to-do list. I set priorities so I know which things deserve my attention first.

I concentrate my efforts on the things that give the greatest value and return.

Today, I accomplish everything I desire effortlessly. I glide right through my tasks at work and chores at home, leaving time for taking action toward the goals that excite me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I accomplish more things with ease and less effort? 2. Who can help me reach my goals? 3. What can I do to help others accomplish their dreams?

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