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I am confident in my ability to pass a difficult exam

I am confident in my ability to pass a difficult exam.

Exams are a normal part of the learning process. They give me a chance to show my expertise!

I wisely divide out my study time for any required learning material so I can be well prepared ahead of time for upcoming exams. When I know I am prepared, I can avoid typical anxiety or nervousness about the test.

My learning style also helps me prepare for the exam, regardless of the test format. I know how to answer a variety of questions and I know the material well. I study until I am confident that I understand the topics on the exam.

I remain calm before and after my exams. I de-stress my mind and body with breathing exercises, meditation, and positive visualization. These exercises leave me feeling calm, cool, and collected. They bring me clarity of thought about the questions on the exam.

I block negative thoughts and emotions about difficult exams.

When exam time comes, I know that I am ready to take the test and show others my knowledge.

Today, I intend to show confidence in my ability to pass a difficult exam.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I best prepare for a difficult exam, so I do not worry about it?

  2. What can I do to stop the nerves and anxiety that come with taking exams?

  3. How can others help me overcome the stress of taking exams and studying?

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