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I have courage in new situations

I have courage in new situations.

I believe in myself because I am a powerful being. With strength flowing through me, I am open to all things new in my life. I know that I am able to handle anything life presents to me.

I face new situations with surety and calm. I see time and time again how I can handle all things new, having successfully overcome countless new things in the past. I know I can stand firm in unfamiliar situations.

Deep within me I only let thoughts of positivity arise, as I see myself successfully negotiating any new challenges ahead. I envision overcoming anything and everything put in front of me.

Regardless of the situation, I remain filled with a belief in my abilities. At work, I know that I am highly skilled and can handle all challenges to the best of my ability.

My belief in my ability to overcome makes me that much more likely to succeed.

When I am with my family, I know that by believing in myself, I can help my loved ones believe in me.

Today, I approach my life with confidence and calm. I let all things new come to me freely. I possess all of the tools to meet these challenges and overcome them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel about new challenges in my life?

  2. How did I overcome challenges that were once new to me?

  3. What abilities and strengths do I possess to overcome these challenges?

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