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I nourish my spirit

I nourish my spirit.

My spirit needs nourishment just like my body and mind. I cultivate my spiritual health. I deepen my capacity for love, compassion, and joy.

I read inspiring texts. Encouraging words strengthen my motivation. I post my favorite sayings on my computer and bathroom mirror where I can see them throughout the day.

I connect with others. Talking with my spiritual friends gives me an opportunity to ask questions and discuss different perspectives.

I marvel at nature. I embrace beauty and mysteries. I recognize the sacred spaces that surround me.

I think positive. My faith gives me hope. I develop the courage to follow my heart. I become more willing to trust and forgive others. I take worthwhile risks knowing that I can learn from each experience.

I meditate and pray. I slow down and quiet my thoughts. I set aside time to listen to my inner voice and reflect on spiritual truths.

I practice my faith. I put my values and beliefs into action. I ask myself whether my choices are consistent with my principles. I renew my commitment to make my faith central to my daily routine.

I persevere through difficult times. I examine my doubts and fears. I build my confidence by remembering the obstacles I have already overcome.

Today, I open myself up to profound experiences. I walk a spiritual path that lifts me up, and leads me to greater fulfillment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I make time for meditation and prayer each day?

  2. What is the relationship between spiritual health and physical healing?

  3. How would I describe my purpose?

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