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I resist settling for less than I deserve

I resist settling for less than I deserve.

In situations of desperation, it is sometimes easy to grab at the first solution that presents itself. But I know I deserve to be justly rewarded. So, I continue my search for an optimum resolution.

My talent and ability speak for themselves.

When faced with financial difficulty, it is tempting to settle for the first available source of income. But it is pointless burdening myself to earn less than my effort deserves.

I ask for compensation that aligns with my skill level. My search for fair compensation continues until I find a source that is willing to be fair to me. Although times are sometimes difficult, I have faith and keep pushing through.

My commitment to my value is also evident in my relationships. Knowing what I bring to the table makes it easy for me to choose a partner.

I deserve to be treated kindly and respectfully in all aspects of my life. My heart is pure, and my intentions are sincere. The only expectation I have is to receive the same treatment that I give to others.

When I encounter someone that tries to trick me into settling for less, I point out their unfairness. I tell others when their actions are unkind.

Today, I know that my value is unquestionable. The worth I bring to each situation speaks for itself. I proudly declare who I am to the world and insist upon being acknowledged with fairness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How am I able to accurately assess how much compensation to ask for?

  2. What kinds of situations sometimes threaten my self-belief?

  3. How do I prove to others that I am worth more than they assume?

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