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I see inspiration all around me.

Each day of my life, I strive to be original, creative, and open-minded.

I endeavor to come up with ideas at work about how to do something more efficiently. At home, I look for strategies to help me accomplish ordinary routines in ways that bring interest, opportunities to share, and completion of tasks. And to do all of these things, I am required to be inspired. Creating a Daily Self-Care Practice to inspire my creativity is step 1.

The process of finding inspiration brings out the best in me.

I notice I listen to others with my whole heart so I can glean the most important thoughts and ideas from the conversation.

I observe others with curiosity. I want to know what they are involved in and how they accomplish their goals in an average day. I am often inspired by watching a co-worker engage in a task in a different manner than I do.

I marvel at the inspiration I gather from my children. They bring to my life a never-ending sense of wonder and a “can do” spirit.

It seems that, regardless of where I go and what I am doing, something inspiring finds its way to me.

Today, my plan is to find inspiration from my natural surroundings. I am proud of the fact that my eyes are wide open when it comes to discovering inspiration.

Soul Inquiry Journal Prompts:

1. How easy is it for me to come up with a new idea?

2. What have I seen today that inspires me?

3. What can I do to insure I consistently notice the inspiration around me?

Want to help me share the Creation of a Creative Daily Self-Care Practice, I would love 5 people to do my new Challenge and give me Feedback and a Testimonial. If you would love to do the FREE Challenge and help me out it is below.....

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