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Journaling Strategies

Reflect on your life, solve challenges, and see how you’ve

grown over the years by keeping a journal.

These tips can help you get started:

✓ Choose your medium. Notebooks seem to work the best. Even better make your own handmade Journal.......

✓ Choose a time to journal each day. The end of the day, as

you reflect on your day, is a great time for journaling.

✓ Avoid missing more than one day at a time

✓ Keeping your entries fairly short will encourage you to

write regularly, draw, paint, collage whatever medium you choose.

✓ Record important events of the day, track your progress

toward your goals, and analyse challenges in your journal

✓ Keep your journal private and secure

Want to add more to your Journal, add colours for our you feel, want to add some papers or doodles?

Want a 21 day challenge to start your habit of journaling, 21 days of prompts to journal or do in your journal?

We have a 21 day gratitude journal challenge just for you. Click here

Maybe its printables you would love to add to your journal? Have you heard about our Creative Studio membership? Printables, a Journal kit and Co-create each month to create your Soul Inquiry Collage Journal. ( It's a monthly vision board in your Journal!) Click here to find out more

creating the life you love.....

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