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My inner beauty is evident to those around me.

True beauty is intangible and indescribable, yet one hundred percent evident to the naked eye. A person’s beauty is not the same as a person’s appearance. Beauty is found much deeper, in matters of the heart.

The inner beauty inside of me is reflected through my confidence. I am beautiful just the way I am. My self-assurance prevents me from becoming overly concerned with the opinions of others.

When others look at me, they see that there is something about me that makes me beautiful. Perfection is not what sets me apart, confidence is.

When I accept myself the way I am, I open the door of acceptance and the ability to honor others the way they are, too. Confidence is the bridge that takes me out of a judgmental place to the land of grace.

I have such a clear understanding of the purpose for which I have been created that insecurity stays far from me. Understanding who I am gives me the boldness to carry myself with pride and grace.

My face always wears a genuine smile reflecting the joy in my heart from knowing who I am. The eyes may be the windows to the heart, but a smile is the window to the soul. Through my smile, people can feel the love in my soul.

Others can see true beauty in me by the way I speak to them. I choose my words carefully, making sure that I am respectful to those around me. My speech is filled with fairness and truth.

Today, I radiate beauty through my speech, actions, and smile. I draw beauty from my self-confidence and spread it to those around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What sets me apart from others? 2. Am I pursing the right kind of beauty? 3. Do I live a life free from judgment?

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