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My personality exudes confidence

My personality exudes confidence.

I have a positive outlook and attitude. This perspective makes it easy to feel confident in all situations. I wear my confidence like a suit of armor. I feel safe and protected because I am so confident.

I am comfortable being myself. I accept myself as I am and proudly display myself to the world. I am free of the urge to pretend to be something I am not. I am sufficient as I am. I enjoy expressing my uniqueness.

I see the positive side of every situation. This gives me hope. With hope and confidence, anything can be accomplished.

I speak kindly to others. Showing kindness with my words creates confidence. The people around me profit from my kindness and confidence.

I gain strength and confidence with each fearful experience I face. The next thing that comes along is child’s play to me. My confidence is growing each day because I am always growing as a person.

All of these things result in a confident personality. It is obvious to anyone that comes into contact with me that I am a confident and capable person. This allows others to trust me more easily.

Today, I am willing to demonstrate to the world how confident I am. I laugh easily and listen to others intently. I stand fast in the face of any challenge. My personality exudes confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I demonstrate a higher level of self-confidence?

  2. What are the three biggest detractors from my ability to feel and show confidence?

  3. If I were twice as confident, how would my life change for the better?

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