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Nature sustains me

Nature sustains me.

In a time when technology runs the world, I appreciate opportunities to step away from it. Immersing in natural environments keeps me conscious and self-aware.

I connect to my true self when I retreat to nature. Spending time in the beauty of unspoiled environments is renewing. It gives me a chance to recall where I am from and appreciate my humble beginnings.

When I go to the beach, I unplug from technology. I lay on the sand, close my eyes, and listen to the sounds around me. Connecting in this way is therapeutic.

Being able to listen to the waves crash and the birds chirp reminds me that I share the world with other beings. Being present in those moments encourages me to maintain environmental consciousness.

I do my part by cleaning up rubbish and debris that people leave in our natural spaces. It is the least that I am able to do to protect the Earth.

As I hike through the mountains, I am careful to avoid stomping on plants. Their contribution to the continuance of life is acknowledged. I avoid taking for granted that there are millions of plants around me. Each one serves a unique purpose in the world.

Today, my time with nature is a blessing because it keeps me conscious. I recognize the value of other lifeforms on this planet. My duty is to sustain them for generations to come. I am happy to be an environmental advocate.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How much of my financial and time resources are committed to environmental causes?

  2. How do I practice environmental sustainability?

  3. In what ways does spending time with nature contribute to my overall well-being?

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