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The person I see when I look in the mirror is who I want to be.

I love the person I see when I look in the mirror. When I stand before myself, I see a beautiful, talented, hard-working individual willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams.

Not only do I love my personality, but I also love my physical appearance. In my inner dialogue, I build myself up with encouragement. Criticism is absent from my mind.

Whenever I am displeased with what I see, I make adjustments to my lifestyle to achieve the desired results. I make every necessary effort to be the person I want to look at. I work out on a regular basis to keep my body in the shape it deserves.

I am the only one who determines what I want to look like. As long as I love what I see in the mirror, the opinions of others are irrelevant.

When I stand before my own reflection in the mirror, I am filled with pride at who I am. The sacrifices I make daily to improve my image are paying off.

Loving who I see in the mirror requires forgiving myself of past wrongs and being patient with myself as I progress toward my goals.

At mealtimes, I keep in mind that everything I eat has an effect on my body. Having this mentality helps me exercise good judgment during meals.

Today, I choose to embrace myself just the way I am. I choose to accept my imperfections and work on the things that I desire to change.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my favorite physical attribute? 2. What is one thing I would like to change? 3. How can I make my inner dialogue more encouraging?

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