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What is EFT Therapy?

Whether you’re a potential client or counselor, you may have come across a kind of therapy called EFT. This stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a way for a recipient to gain nearly instant freedom from their pent up emotions.

The Man Behind EFT

Gary Craig is the founder of EFT Therapy. Craig is an ordained minister at the Universal Church of God located in southern California. He’s also a Stanford graduate from the college of engineering. However, he always had a deep interest in psychology and personal development.

EFT Therapy: The Definition

EFT is a type of therapy that uses an emotional form of acupressure. With EFT Therapy, you can tap on a certain part of the body with a finger and provide a recipient with therapeutic healing that may have taken years with other methods.

Your body has a tendency to store up past emotional problems. When this emotional form of acupressure is utilized on the body’s meridian energy points, the pent up emotional energy can then be released. If this seems too good to be true, you can refer to the testimonials of countless past users who’ve described it as life altering.

The beauty of EFT is the ability to provide the client with instant healing. Many would have you believe that traditional conversational therapy is required in order to truly heal emotional problems, however, you can achieve excellent results even with online-based EFT systems.

A free manual about EFT is available for download in order to give you a full education on the Emotional Freedom Technique. It goes over information on how it came about and then describes the technique so you can try it for yourself. The actual technique is only two pages of instructions and easy to understand.

Some problems EFT Therapy has been known to solve include:

1. Insomnia and Anxiety. These two problems often go hand in hand. With EFT, you can learn how to quickly cope with these problems. You’ll also gain confidence, which will reduce the occurrence of both anxiety attacks and insomnia. Many long time sufferers are shocked by the easy results they can achieve.

2. Phobias. Phobias can vary from minor and relatively harmless, up to major ones that interfere with daily life. EFT has been known to fully erase even debilitating phobias in a matter of hours.

3. Anger. Anger management can also become easier with help from EFT therapy. Repressed anger is a common pent up emotion that can easily be released with EFT.

4. Addiction and Weight Loss. EFT therapy can be used on all kinds of addictions, from alcohol and drugs to excessive eating. This form of therapy can make dealing with cravings more bearable and – in some situations – the cravings can disappear entirely.

The Mind/Body Connection

No matter what kind of therapy you engage in, you may begin to notice mind and body connections. Mental conditions such as stress can take a toll on the body.

Stress can cause all sorts of problems including:

* Backaches * Headaches * Fatigue * Discomfort

Once your stress has been relieved, you may also notice that these physical symptoms fade as well. Clients of the EFT Therapy method undergo simple procedures and then find that their physical symptoms vanish without having to endure longer or more emotionally painful treatments.

Like most things in life, EFT Therapy is not fail proof. The system is not perfect and there are certain individuals and situations that cannot be helped. On the flip side, there are certain people that have tried nearly everything without luck until they finally came across the Emotional Freedom Technique.

It could be the answer to your physical or emotional challenges and, since it’s a quick and painless process, it’s worth a try. EFT practitioners are located in every major city and many towns throughout the country. Seek one out in your area or study the field on your own, and reap the benefits!

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