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When I forgive myself I release myself from guilt

When I forgive myself, I release myself from guilt.

I embrace the fact that I am human and prone to making mistakes in judgment. I acknowledge that of all the situations life throws in front of me, there may be some where I temporarily lose the ability to behave in a positive manner.

When I commit a wrongdoing, I do what I can to correct the transgression, and then readily forgive myself and move on without feeling guilty.

The important thing is being conscious of my mistakes and doing what is necessary to make things right.

When someone says unkind things to me, my natural instinct is to respond in a like manner. If I find myself giving in to the negativity, though, I immediately catch myself and change my tune.

I keep my mind focused on peaceful resolution and forgive myself for steering away from that focus.

When I forgive myself, I am able to concentrate on getting back on track.

Today, I can avoid feeling guilty for my wrongdoings in the past. I am firm in my belief that bygones should remain in the past once I have acknowledged responsibility for the part I played. Moving on to a better life is my ultimate mission.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Are there times when I forgive myself but still seem unable to let go of the guilt?

  2. Do I release others from guilt when they commit a transgression against me?

  3. Do I maintain positive relationships, free from guilt?

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